Lust is a strong need, love is not a need. When you love, you settle down, nothing more is needed. In love, you can just sit here for a lifetime. …xx…

Through this year of worried times we created this collection that aroused from a feeling of being in love and through time spent together.

This collection should be enjoyed and experienced as a well-composed Italian dinner. We serve you a variety of fabrics and fits in tune with AVENY scandinavian minimalistic lines, where soft and crispy pleated fabrics, structure cotton and soft velvet pieces balance our fall winter collection perfectly.

In time for the festive season, we designed this collection with a feeling of getting dressed up, yet comfortable. Bringing you a comfy life in style.

We believe that personality gives identity and character, personality gives perspective, and when we embody new influences, we are enriched with a greater life.

In AVENY we try to create something that just isn't aesthetically beautiful but also meaningful to someone.

We invite you to AW23 – our Italian Dinner Club collection

Sofia and Robin

September 22, 2023 — Markus Lundh