Avenue Tropicale is a full year around fashion brand based in Stockholm, Sweden.
The brand started in 2016 when Sofia and Robin created Avenue Tropicale. During one of our many travels, we realized we were missing clothes that was true to our lifestyle. We were missing clothes that are comfortable enough to travel in, and stylish enough to wear at a dinner party once arrived says Sofia, founder of Avenue Tropicale. 

The name Avenue Tropicale symbolize the balance in life. The balance of the hectic City living and a countryside relaxed lifestyle. The duality and opposite power of work and play, home and travel, city and country, for the founders core factors of a balancing life.

Our lives have changed since the start and we have come to the conclusion that in order to move forward we need to look back and amend some key factors in our vision. We still believe in a balanced lifestyle, but we feel that the name has limited us in the creative process and development of the brand since Tropicale has a very strong reference to summer and warm weather.

The new trademark Aveny official will land in the stores in May 2021. in Swedish the word Aveny means path.
Changing name is a path Aveny founders look forward to. It will not only help us create a full year around fashion brand, but it will also, in our International expansion emphasize our Scandinavian legacy says Robin

This change of name takes effect from the Pre fall Autumn Winter collection 2021.
It feels very exciting to take this new step with the brand and we look forward sharing the brand’s development with you.

May 03, 2021 — Fredrik Svanberg
Tags: News