For spring summer 2023 we’re welcoming the warmer season inspired by the life on the Amalfi Coast. A string of waterfront towns runs along the coast where each town has a different character, a different vibe and where they contribute to the balanced life we strive for. 
The natural beauty and charming aesthetics, the colorful houses and small boats inspired us to a wide block color set up in our ss23 - Ciao a tutti collection. Whether we like to relax or to be active in life we share an unconditional love for the Italian lifestyle, the food, the wine, and the climate. 
From sunrise to sunset, we cherish the good in life and while we are sleeping the lemons grow and life passes. The buzzing restaurants and bar scene of Amalfi makes us want to dress up in flowy silk materials sipping on a cold spritz. 
Walking the “sentiero dei limoni”, (path of lemons) or chilling on the beach clubs in ‘the glamorous Postitano we embrace this season with a melancholic excited feeling of easy breezy summer days in the sun.
We believe that the personality gives identity and character, personality gives perspective, and when we embody new influences, we are enriched with a greater life. 
In AVENY we try to create something that just aren’t esthetically beautiful but also meaningful to someone.
May 15, 2023 — Markus Lundh