The Nordic collection came to us during a time of international lock down, stroked by the feeling of being stuck we rediscovered our country, and we found a deep pond of inspiration in our landscape and our Scandi way of living. The life in balance with nature and in lack of high pulse city life.

It’s a fact, that on the northern part of the world live a relatively small group of people on a relatively large part of land and even greater part of ocean.
As a Scandinavian we clearly need space, and we need to bread. Whether if it’s on the sea, in the archipelago, the mountains, the city or in the forest.

The rough climate, the dark winter season and the frenzy light in summer is a pragmatic yet balanced difference that inspired us to create our Nordic collection.
Aveny is our way of living, and we believe in an effortless, comfy life in style no matter where we are in life. In the archipelago, at the night club or hiking the mountains.

The Nordic collection AW21 is characterized by a contrasting mix of sporty and dressy, with elements of natural tones and rough material choices.
Tone in tone print, color blocks and forest skyline are combined with soft materials, and we layer up as the transition from warm sunny days to colder weather are upon us.

Cuts and silhouettes are softer and rounder, the proportions are more casual, and garments are more sculpted. We emotionally ended up in a collection that moves us thru sand, stone and salty water to mountains, forest, clear sky and snow. All together landed and summed up somewhere in the Stockholm city aesthetics.

The personality gives identity and character, personality gives perspective, and when we embody new influences, we are enriched with a greater life. In Aveny we try to create something that just aren’t esthetically beautiful but also meaningful to someone.

October 23, 2021 — Fredrik Svanberg